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  • Feel the sensation is different and will be a wonderful experience to try "Swimming With Dolphin". Enjoy the program every day at 3 pm at the Dolphin Bay area for 30 minutes. During Ramadan, the program Swimming With Dolphin you can enjoy at 10.00 .In addition, swimming with dolphins can also be therapeutic for children who get autism. Please contact our Marketing Office (0343) 6741 991 for more info.

  • Enjoy the beauty of the mountain slopes of Arjuna, with the sensation of being in a herd of wild animals, such as giraffes, rhinos and other exotic animals of the Sumatran elephant's back. Which we present in Safari Elephant Journey. The thrill of adventure in the Africa region passed a herd of zebra and Watusi, up and down hills with elephant riding. Moment 45 minutes unforgettable. For ordering information can contact us at (0343) 6741 991

  • Feel the adventure, and challenging adjacent to animals in the wild only in the Safari Park Prigen East Java. You can touch and feed it directly like snakes, penguins, etc. as well as capture this unique moment in exclusive. For more information, contact our Sales & Marketing (0343) 6741 991/995

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